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Worldz continues to innovate and launches the brand new “Social Product” feature. Transform your eCommerce into a Social Commerce

6 October 2020



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Thanks to the brand new features of Worldz you can further transform your shop into a social commerce, revolutionizing the shopping experience of your customers

With Worldz you can transform your eCommerce into a Social Commerce and remain competitive in a constantly changing world. Mobile, social and multichannel are the adjectives that – certainly today more than ever – characterize the scenario in which we live and which consequently influence the behavior of users, also and above all online. For this reason, the commitment of companies – especially with regard to e-commerce – now turns on many and different areas with the aim of offering consumers a positive browsing and shopping experience and at the same time the possibility of interaction between brand-customer. For these reasons it therefore appears necessary to invest more and more in innovation and digital, as strategic and at the same time differentiating tools for a company’s business.

It may be because we are a young, dynamic reality and consequently in search of the novelty that can really make a difference, but at Worldz we never tire of innovating and releasing updates that make our service more and more avant-garde and in step with needs of our customers and consumers. A few weeks after the launch of the latest User Friends feature, Worldz will soon release brand new updates, with the aim of making the shopping experience of users on our e-commerce partners even more enjoyable.

Let’s see together what it is! The next updates will first of all concern the User Experience (UX) of the Overlay – our customizable pop-up that reacts based on the behavior of the user in order to implement a client retention strategy. We have updated the User Interface (UI)regarding product images to offer users an intuitive and pleasant navigation. We have also provided for the customization of the “Buy” button within the Overlay, in order to allow the user to find (even within the overlay) the same style of the site on which he is browsing. Our e-commerce partners will be able to directly intervene and proceed with the modification, by accessing their Worldz Dashboard and from there within the dedicated section of the Configurator.

We know how important it is today to be present on the main social channels, especially to develop your business, also considering that 35 million users are present and active on social channels (Digital2020 – We are social). Starting precisely from this reflection and these numbers, Worldz continually searches for elements capable of making an e-commerce increasingly social, and favoring the evolution of e-commerce in the direction of social commerce.

This is why the Feature Social Product was born: this brand new feature will allow users to obtain more information on the products offered by the Overlay. The idea arises precisely from the awareness that the more a product is purchased by the public, the more psychologically consumers are led to deepen and – eventually – to buy that same product. This same mechanism also occurs when users know that that product is most visited or, in our case, most shared. In this way, therefore, being able to provide the consumer with increasingly detailed information – also linked to any friends who have directly purchased similar products – we have gone far beyond the steps taken so far, reaching the essence of Social Commerce and thus providing users with the opportunity to find out which users have shared a product and, above all, if our friends are among them.

The brand new Social Product feature offers the ability to know the number of people who have purchased or visited a particular product page, or even who has shared a particular product. To date Worldz has a customer portfolio of over 200 eCommerce partners, including Breil, Hip Hop Watches and many others, and a community of over 300K active users. Our aim? To make it clear to users who land on the site of one of our e-commerce partners who can consider that store reliable because other consumers – even friends belonging to their circle of contacts – have chosen it and decided to share their shopping experience. This feature is being released for all e-commerce partners for free.

But it’s not all! In fact, in the coming weeks we will release a new and further feature with a new partner (which we will reveal shortly!) and a new feature, which will improve the user experience of users, limiting on the one hand the openings of the Behavioral Overlay, and on the one hand other will lead users to discover new and additional information on the products, in an increasingly social perspective.

Stay Tuned.