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Towards a new 2.0 online user experience with Worldz

17 December 2020



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Simplify and improve the user experience on your e-commerce thanks to the behavioral and intelligent overlays of Worldz

We know that in the era of online shopping, everything evolves very quickly: the methods of purchase and payment or simply the habits of consumers. This is why we are always looking for innovative tools, compared to competitors. Because? the main objective is one: to make the user experience on your digital store positive and stimulating. In order to proceed in this direction, you must first of all know your customers and the purchase funnel: only in this way will you be able to customize your online navigation.

It is necessary to optimize some aspects – more than others – on your e-commerce: starting from the marketing strategy, for example, and ending with the optimization of the checkout. The user experience (UX) is certainly the focal point of a successful e-commerce: according to the data collected by McKinsey, companies that invest in user experience have an improvement in performance in terms of turnover even double compared to those who decide not to allocate funds to you. In fact, by facilitating the experience of using the site and consequently the customer-company interaction, objectives can be achieved both in the short and long term, such as the conclusion of a purchase but above all customer loyalty.

Innovative tools and a good marketing strategy are certainly elements at the basis of a winning user experience. With its proprietary technology, Worldz is a tool capable of improving not only the performance of your digital shop but above all the usability by users. Through its behavioral and intelligent overlays, Worldz accompanies the user throughout the purchase funnel and simplifies the shopping experience from the first access to the site. The goal is to engage users, increase the chances of conversion and thus prevent so-called “abandoned carts”. According to some data collected, 69.57% is the average documented rate of abandonment of the online shopping cart.

You may be wondering, but what does it consist of and how can Worldz support my e-commerce?
Within the e-commerce partners who have decided to equip themselves with Worldz, users interact with an interactive window, the Worldz overlay, capable of engaging users who browse the site. The overlay reacts based on user behavior in order to implement a client retention strategy. The aim is to convert the user, leading him to complete the purchase.


Through a personalized discount, based on social popularity. In fact, in order to get his personal discount, the user will simply have to share the purchase experience or the chosen product on his social profile (Facebook or Instagram). Furthermore, thanks to the interaction with the Worldz overlay and the social login, e-commerce will be able to track users, thus obtaining leads on target.

Our tool could become the winning ally for your online business.