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The best practices for the growth of your e-commerce

28 September 2021



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With Worldz technology you can boost the growth of your e-commerce and optimize its performance

It is now known how social networks are an extraordinary means of visibility for a company and this is certainly one of the reasons for the growth of e-commerce and also for the success of Social Commerce. Factors that have contributed to its spread include the increasingly widespread use of social media and the increase in consumer demand for direct-to-consumer products.

Let’s see together some best practices that companies can use to optimize their campaigns and thus increase the chances of conversion and sales volumes.

  1. The correct target users
    Consumers today are increasingly predisposed to the use of digital tools and technologies for online shopping. Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z are among the most receptive targets in this sense. Therefore, to enhance their presence on the network, it is necessary that companies know how to correctly address their strategies in order to intercept the correct target. Through the profiling of users who visit a site, companies have a series of useful information (such as name, surname, e-mail, age) to create and expand the customer database and through which to create customized content for the various recipients. With Worldz lead generation, e-commerce partners can track users who land on the site, generating profiled and targeted leads. Thanks to the social login that is implemented on the platform, the company obtains personal data, useful for email marketing activities (GDPR compliant) and for the optimization of advertising campaigns.
  2. UGC
    The reasons for the success of these contents lie in spontaneity. The fact that a product is recommended by someone “close” or by a friend you can trust is often a more effective lever than advertising done through influencers. The judgment of one’s contact is mainly perceived as reliable precisely because it is far from commercial logic. The involvement of one’s satisfied customers in one’s own marketing strategy can positively influence the Brand Awareness and growth of the company, because through their contents it is possible to reach and engage new potential customers in target, since often those in contact on social networks share passions and interests. Thanks to Worldz, you can transform your customers into Brand Lover on social networks. The user will simply have to log in directly to your shop and find out the economic value associated with his profile, in proportion to his social popularity. It will be sufficient to share the chosen product on Facebook or Instagram to unlock your personalized credit and use it to complete the purchase.
  3. Rewards and incentives
    Economic incentives represent an effective and strategic marketing tool capable of inducing the user to finalize a purchase or to return to make new ones. The advantage is not only the user but also the company which, consequently, is witnessing a growth in sales volumes. Thanks to Worldz, e-commerce are able to offer their customers a personalized and immediate credit for online shopping.

    Worldz is an innovative software that can transform your e-commerce into a Social Commerce. Contact us to request a free demo.