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Online shopping and New Normal: how have SMEs evolved?

6 July 2021



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SMEs are smaller companies but also more dynamic, this is how they are reacting to the changes taking place

In recent years, online purchases have grown exponentially, especially in 2021. Just think that in the first quarter alone, e-commerce grew by 58%, compared to 17% in the first quarter of 2020 and only in Italy the trend has increased by 78%, according to Shopping Index, Salesforce’s quarterly report. Italy, therefore, ranks fourth in percentage growth after Canada, the Netherlands and Great Britain. Mobile shopping is experiencing strong growth, certainly due to the ever-increasing use of mobile devices. In fact, there was a 60% increase in internet traffic and in Italy 72% of people spent more time on their smartphone, according to Casaleggio Associati’s E-commerce in Italy 2020 report.

While the big players of online commerce had already invested in a solid online presence for some time, many smaller companies were still heavily dependent on in-store sales activities. In fact, it is the latter that have had to face the greatest challenges to adapt to the change of scenery and ensure the survival of their business. However, many SMEs have dynamism and adaptability in facing the challenge of the pandemic, managing not only to survive the change but to transform it into an opportunity for growth.

With a view to evolving the shopping experience offered on digital channels and increasing sales, Worldz was born, an e-commerce software that, thanks to the integration of social dynamics, is able to make the shopping experience surprising and innovative for customers and to optimize shop performance for retailers.

Thanks to Worldz, users have the ability to interact with an intelligent dialog box that communicates with them throughout the purchase funnel with personalized messages. It also offers the possibility of social login (Facebook or Instagram), which allows you to:

1. receive a personalized credit, proportional to the social popularity, useful for completing the purchase

2. find out how many people have bought, shared or simply viewed a product

3. view which friends of your social network have already used the service.

Worldz is an innovative software that can do this and much more for your e-commerce, is compatible with all major CMS and can be installed in a few clicks. Request your free demo to discover all its features.