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Marketing Intelligence: what is it and why is it needed for your e-commerce?

30 March 2021



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Through the Marketing Intelligence, i.e. a correct analysis of their data, companies can plan winning strategies able to maximize the performance of their e-commerce.

An increasingly digital-first approach by consumers has had a surprising impact on online commerce. The “conversion” of many companies and brands to e-commerce has certainly been encouraged by the exponential increase in online purchases, recorded in the last year. For many it was new and unexplored terrain but it was immediately understood that it is not in itself sufficient to open an online shop to be able, consequently, to sell.

To carve out a privileged position in the current scenario, it is important that companies have a data-driven approach. In this way, you are able to make your business more competitive as any choice or direction you want to take is not dictated “by chance” but based on analysis and objective data. For this reason, it is therefore essential to have correct and always updated data on user behavior.

Marketing tools play a key role and it is important to know how to identify and integrate the most suitable ones for your business because only in this way will they allow the company to achieve specific objectives. According to Salesforce, in order to offer a personalized and engaging customer experience, it is important to “create a structure capable of mapping the consumer in real time, building a history from which to start to profile him adequately”. Here the three stages of Marketing Intelligence come into play, i.e. data integration and management, analysis and optimization and finally alignment of Marketing Automation.

Do you know that with Worldz you can manage these three phases of Marketing Intelligence with a single and innovative tool?

Step 1: data integration and management

Through the Worldz Insights, e-commerce partners have a series of data at their disposal that allow them to optimize social campaigns, monitor the performance of the shop and therefore apply data-driven strategies. Within the Worldz dashboard, they will be able to monitor not only the details of their sales but above all the leads (all users who, once landed on the site, have logged in and have been profiled). The leads tracked by Worldz include data such as: name, surname, gender, age, birthday and e-mail. This information obtained can be used in a strategic (and GDPR compliant) way to reach a target audience, increasing purchase conversions and lowering the related costs.

Step 2: Funnel and UX optimization

Thanks to the interaction with Worldz Overlay, an intelligent window that offers personalized messages based on the navigation on the site, it offers its customers an improved and engaging User Experience (UX). By logging in on social networks (Facebook or Instagram), the user can receive a personalized credit proportional to their popularity which, by sharing the chosen product on their profile, they can use directly at checkout. The Worldz Overlay follows the user throughout the funnel, showing him different information, with the aim of making the shop a simple and reliable tool and accompanying him to the final purchase phase.

Step 3: Marketing Automation

After installing Worldz in a few simple clicks, e-commerce partners have an immediately operational tool, through which they can manage and automate the processes of: target profiling, wom marketing on social networks and onsite engagement, transforming every e -commerce in a Social Commerce. Thanks to Worldz, users can perform a series of social actions without ever leaving the brand platform, such as social login, sharing a post or discovering which friends and followers have already used the service or purchased a product. In this way, the user is offered a unique and uninterrupted shopping experience, during which he is assisted and stimulated.

It’s time to gain a competitive advantage over competitors, CONTACT US to find out how to integrate Worldz into your e-commerce.