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Lead Generation: why it is important and how to use the personal data of your customers on Facebook

4 April 2020



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Find out how to reach targeted user targets and thus create strategic marketing campaigns, thanks to the Worldz Lead Generation system.

Social Media Advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies, capable of positively contributing to the improvement of a company’s brand awareness. Through social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), brands are able to reach their customers more easily and consequently satisfy their desires and needs, offering them quality content that reflects their interests.

From the data that emerged from the latest Digital Export Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano , almost nine out of ten companies invest in digital marketing tools, specifically email marketing and social media marketing. By investing in this specific direction, companies are able to equip themselves with increasingly innovative tools that allow them to acquire specific information on users who land on their e-Commerce. The resulting photograph of the user is the so-called Lead Generation – the main piece of the conversion funnel or marketing funnel – which allows brands to transform a user, potentially interested in a particular product or service, into a customer and thus start a loyalty process.

Worldz is an e-commerce booster able to maximize the performance of e-commerce, increasing the probability of conversion within the e-shop parter. In fact, the various features of Worldz include lead generation . In terms of marketing, leads are very precious elements: in fact they allow you to identify users who are potentially interested and willing to provide some data in exchange for an advantage which, in the case of Worldz, is represented by a discount.

The social login within the Worldz overlay actually involves an advantage both for the customer – who is thus recognized a personalized discount – and for the partner e-shop – who manages, through user profiling, to collect useful information for your business. Specifically, the leads tracked by Worldz – relating to users who have logged in on Facebook – include personal and non-personal data, such as: name, surname, gender, age, birthday and email. As for the leads tracked through Instagram login, other specific data are collected such as the Instagram username and telephone number. If the user proceeds by logging in on both social channels, Worldz will collect and merge the data of both platforms, thus composing a single profile.

Within the Insight section of their Worldz Dashboard, the customer can download the leads independently, in CSV or Excel format. Here you will also find the data of those who, despite not having completed the purchase, have still logged in to the social network. The information obtained can be used, in a strategic way, to create personalized audiences on which to calibrate social campaigns on Facebook. In this way, reaching a target audience, not only has a greater probability of conversion but also a lowering of the related costs. Such data also allow you to study your customer base and understand through which communication you can involve them more. With Worldz there is therefore an effective Lead Generation system.

Let’s find out in a few simple steps how to create a campaign on Facebook, using the leads obtained through Worldz. If you have not yet activated it, it is important to have Facebook Business Manager, the platform that allows advertisers to manage and monitor everything related to Facebook ads and resources. The first step is to create a personalized audience within your Business Manager. The second step consists in extrapolating the leads obtained thanks to Worldz, which are strategic in order to identify target groups.
There are two ways to create a custom audience on Facebook, let’s see them together in detail.

First method
Before proceeding with the creation of your custom audience, you need to download the CSV from the Worldz Dashboard – within the Insight section, under the heading Leads. Once the document has been extracted, it must be uploaded to your Business Manager, in the “Public” section, then on “Create Audience” -> “Custom Audience”.
A drop-down menu will open from which it will be possible to proceed with the following steps. At this point you must select “List of Customers” -> “Upload the file” and proceed by selecting the CSV file, previously extracted.
Once the custom audience has been created with the leads obtained from Worldz, it is possible to select and use this audience for the creation of a campaign, selecting the “Use saved audience” item.

Second method
It is possible to create a new audience through a different procedure than the one illustrated so far. When creating a campaign on Facebook, there is – always within the Business Manager – a section dedicated to the choice of the public. Here it will be necessary to click on the item “Create a new audience” and then proceed by clicking on -> “List of Customers” -> “Upload file”. In this last step it will be sufficient to upload the CSV file, previously extracted from Worldz and then proceed with the creation of your campaign.

Similar Audience or Lookalike Audience
Facebook offers the possibility to create campaigns that reach a similar audience (Lookalike audience) to the leads obtained and downloaded through Worldz. In this way it is possible to reach new users who may be interested in that particular category of products or services, as they have characteristics very similar to the customers already tracked. Let’s find out how to use this type of data.

First Method
In order to create an audience similar to an existing one, it is always necessary to access your Business Manager and click on the item “Public” -> “Similar Public” -> “Create new origin”. By selecting “Custom audience” you can proceed – as seen previously – by uploading the CSV file extracted from the Worldz dashboard. It will therefore be sufficient to select it when creating an ADV campaign, in the dedicated “Public” section.

Second Method 
As seen above, it is also possible to create a similar audience when creating an ADV campaign on Facebook, always within the section dedicated to the choice of the public. In this case it will be necessary to click on “Create a new audience” -> “Create New” and choose – from the drop-down menu – “Similar Audience”. Once selected, by clicking on “List of Customers” you can upload the CSV file, containing the targeted leads.