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How to interact with your e-commerce audience meaningfully?

26 October 2021



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Find out how you can increase with Worldz your customers’ engagement with your e-commerce

When an online shop struggles to achieve its growth or sales goals, it often mistakenly resorts to sales strategies such as the launch of new products or greater investments in advertising to attract new customers. While these are valid tools, it is important to focus also and above all on the analysis of your target customers, because only in this way is it possible to communicate with your audience in a meaningful and effective way.

Highly engaged customers tend to buy more and promote your business to third parties. Positive and proactive customer engagement can bring greater profits for a company. Here are some numbers:

  • hired customers represent a higher share of 23% in terms of profitability
  • the cost of acquiring a new customer is five times higher than maintaining existing customers loyal
  • customers of a company are 50% more likely to try a new product
  • loyal customers spend around 31% more than a new customer
  • 84% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer loyalty programs.

    So what are the ways to increase the loyalty of your customers?

  1. Feedback and Reviews
    The opinions of customers who buy on an e-commerce matter a lot, representing an excellent incentive to finalize their purchases. In fact, more and more users consult the feedback of those who bought before them, thus reducing the initial distrust of an online shop or a product. With Worldz, e-commerce partners transform their customers into “brand lover”. In fact, each user will be able to obtain a personalized credit if they share the purchased product or the buying experience on social networks. From sharing comes a positive word of mouth among users which allows them to familiarize themselves with the shop and increase trust in the latter.
  2. Discounts and coupons
    An important marketing strategy is to offer incentives to users. This is another useful tool to make a customer conclude the purchase and encourage him to return in the future to make new ones. This clearly results in an advantage for the user but undoubtedly also for the company which may see an increase in sales. Thanks to Worldz, e-commerce are able to offer their customers a personalized and immediate credit for online shopping.
  3. Social Network
    Social media are used today for researching and purchasing products and it is therefore essential to supervise them to increase conversions and traffic to e-commerce itself. Realizing how strategic they are, companies are investing more and more in these channels and embracing the trend of Social Commerce. With Worldz, e-commerce partners have the opportunity to transform their digital shop into a Social Commerce, in a few simple steps. The Worldz software allows, in fact, to integrate the social functions on its platform, while maintaining full control of the flows and sales volumes generated by e-commerce and the information of users who land on the site.
  4. Customer profiling
    Offering customized content to its customers is certainly an extra incentive in building a solid relationship of trust between the Brand and the customer. Through innovative tools, a company can profile users browsing the online shop, increasing the chances of creating relevant content for its recipient. Through Worldz lead generation, e-commerce partners have the ability to profile users who land on their website. Thanks to the social login implemented on the platform, the company obtains personal data, useful for email marketing activities (GDPR compliant) and for the optimization of online advertising campaigns.

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