E-commerce trends

How to differentiate your e-commerce from those of competitors?

18 May 2021



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In a highly digitized scenario, here are which tools e-commerce should invest in to optimize their online positioning

For a year now, we have been using digital channels on a daily basis to work, stay in touch with friends and family and make all kinds of purchases. We all found ourselves in an increasingly virtual reality, even the less experienced who may never have made an online purchase or made a video call before. We could talk about the “digitization” of our habits and this has certainly led us to rethink the simple purchasing process within the e-commerce and the brand-customer relationship.

Let’s try to outline the next trends that will allow companies to carve out a privileged position in the new e-commerce scenario:

  • The user’s experience

The attention of the company towards the user must not run out once you have managed to convert him and therefore make him finalize a purchase. In fact, it is important to achieve the loyalty of the latter. How? By focusing on strategies and tools that can make the shopping experience offered unique. In a highly competitive scenario like the current one, companies must be able to positively differentiate themselves by offering a simple and personalized online shopping experience. According to a study by Walker, by the end of 2020, the shopping experience will be the key differentiator of a brand, even exceeding the price and the product itself.

  • Marketing strategies

Investing in a lead generation strategy can be the most useful tool for intercepting and involving interested users in the medium / long term. The way of doing lead generation today has evolved, going hand in hand with the spread of social networks and useful tools for re-marketing activities. With the help of these tools, companies can more easily intercept and convert interested users into customers, putting in place a series of activities aimed at creating user loyalty. A strategy of this type can offer a huge competitive advantage to companies that can thus optimize the investment of resources and budget by directing it towards the right target of customers.

  • Social Media

4 billion are the users who use social platforms in the world, which is why it is essential for a company to monitor these channels in order to reach its customers. These are channels through which you can build a good reputation for your brand and consequently earn the trust of users. Suffice it to say that, according to a research by Sprout Social, 57% of respondents said they were more inclined to buy the products of a brand they follow on social networks online. This happens because today social networks are seen as a tool to communicate with other users but also to connect directly with favorite brands.

  • The importance of an online community

Today, companies are strongly aware of how important it is to cultivate the relationship with their customers, in order to win their trust. By offering a simple and positive shopping experience, the consumer will be more inclined to provide information or to suggest that e-commerce to other users. This is where the reviews and suggestions of other users come into play and represent an excellent business card for a company.

Companies today need to stand out and in order to be competitive it is necessary to invest in innovative technologies that can respond to the new needs of consumers and the market. With Worldz you can benefit from the Social features by integrating them directly into your e-commerce and offer customers an improved and engaging User Experience (UX). After installing our software in a few simple clicks, e-commerce partners have a tool through which they can improve their online performance, profile the target audience, thus acquiring strategic information for their communication and marketing strategies.

Furthermore, thanks to Worldz, it is possible to integrate a social login into the platform and offer its customers a personalized credit proportional to the social popularity of each, allowing them to redeem it in exchange for a post that talks about the products purchased on their social channels, generating word of mouth positive towards their circles of contacts and nurturing a sense of community around the products and brand values.

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