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Holiday Season and e-commerce: how are the brands preparing?

2 November 2021



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Find out how Worldz can increase your e-commerce business in the most anticipated period of the year

The countdown can officially begin at the time of the year most awaited by consumers, inaugurated by Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Both companies and consumers are preparing for the hottest period of the year in terms of online sales and purchases, characterized by offers often appreciated for the first purchases to be placed under the tree. Although 73% of online retailers say they have already started organizing activities, most still believe they are not really ready yet.

An interesting aspect emerged from the Packhelp E-commerce Trend Report regarding the timing of companies for preparing for this season, particularly challenging: 62% prepare themselves in August / September, while about 27% begin preparation only in October /November. Despite these differences in timing, the marketing strategies adopted are very similar between brands, all having as their ultimate goal the increase in sales volumes. In order to achieve these important goals, companies are looking for cutting-edge tools for greater online user engagement and the achievement of new targets.

The research shows that 17% focus on selling via social media and 16% optimize the online experience offered to their customers. 81% of companies agree on one aspect, namely the strategic nature of Social Commerce, a phenomenon that will be the watershed between the brands that will be able to embrace the evolution of the market and those that will not be able to keep up with the times.

With Worldz, e-commerce companies have the opportunity to transform their digital shop into a Social Commerce, in a few simple steps. In this way they will be able to integrate the functions of social networks on their own platform, while maintaining full control of the flows, the sales volumes generated by e-commerce and the data of users who land on the site.

Most brands, to incentivize purchases, declare themselves willing to focus on tools such as free shipping (24%) and discounts (22%) in order to achieve higher levels of conversion. Thanks to Worldz, e-commerce companies also have the possibility of offering personalized credit to their customers. By integrating the social login (Facebook or Instagram) directly into the platform, Worldz calculates the economic value of each user’s social popularity and returns each user a proportional credit for shopping, in exchange for a social post with the chosen product.

With Worldz, each shop can offer its consumers an economic advantage while having the ability to track website traffic by obtaining useful personal data for online advertising and remarketing campaigns.

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