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Gen Z: their relationship with online shopping and social media

27 July 2021



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Find out what are the characteristics and expectations of Gen Z and how this target interacts with Worldz

Generation Z people born between 1997 and 2012. They are the first not to have known a world without technologies, which affects how they live their daily lives, consumption and expectations. They are the first to embrace new trends, are sensitive to social issues and always in contact with the digital world.

    They prefer online shopping to in-store purchases and prefer digital payments to cash. The shopping experience is as important to them as the product, making aspects such as customer service and the relationship with the value world of the Brand central to their choices. Being part of a community is a fundamental concept for this target, both when it comes to the relationship between customer and company and between customers and their circles of contacts. This target is particularly inclined to recommend to others a Brand in which they feel involved, which they consider relevant to their friends or which offers them a privileged or customized treatment.

    We are talking about a target of users who are always connected, especially in “on the go” mode thanks to mobile. Social networks are the most used channels, among which Instagram is in first place, followed by Facebook. Thanks to these tools, they keep in touch with their friends, follow brands and personalities of interest and can discover new trends, contents and products. On social media, they come into contact with their favorite brands and “new discoveries” mainly through advertising, word of mouth, recommendations from other users and social updates of the brands themselves.

    If within the Worldz community we consider users between 18 and 24 years old, they are in third place, after Gen X and Millennials, among the most accustomed to making a social login to receive a personalized Worldz credit for online shopping, third parties in the propensity to share their purchases on social networks and seconds , on an equal footing with Gen X, in choosing to shop using Worldz as a service.

    Worldz is an e-commerce software that transforms any digital shop into a Social Commerce. If installed on a store, it offers users the opportunity to log in on social networks (Instagram or Facebbok) and receive a personalized credit for online shopping, proportional to the user’s social popularity. To use the credit directly at checkout, the user simply has to share a post on their profile with the chosen product, generating an organic and positive word of mouth.

Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z are among the targets most accustomed to using our service. Do you want to try Worldz on your e-commerce? Request a free demo now.