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5 strategic actions to promote your e-commerce

22 June 2021



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Promoting your e-commerce effectively is essential for the growth of your business

Until a few years ago, e-commerce was a tool adopted only by some brands and consumers, which is why companies were sometimes not very favorable to approaching this new business. In recent years, however, there has been a real turnaround, E-commerce has experienced unprecedented levels of growth, establishing itself as a trend and consequently pushing many companies to create their own online platform. Being present on the web means not only reaching more users but carving out a competitive advantage among the many companies that offer the same category of products. To do this, it is essential to have a differentiating strategy, to promote your e-commerce and ensure that users can recognize your brand and prefer it to competitors.

Here are 5 strategic actions to help promote your e-commerce:

  1. Personalized User Experience
    Having a good user experience can really make the difference to promote your e-commerce and consolidate the relationship between the customer and the Brand. What users are looking for today is a personalized shopping experience, such as differentiated recommendations based on their browsing, favorite or previous purchases. With Worldz you can offer your customers an improved and customized shopping experience. Through an intelligent dialog box, users will interact with an interface that accompanies them throughout the funnel with messages relevant to their actions. Based on the user’s navigation, Worldz offers the possibility to make a social login, to receive a personalized credit (proportional to the social popularity), to know how many people have purchased, shared or viewed a product and finally which friends, belonging to the circle of Facebook or Instagram contacts, have already used the service.

  2. Reliability of the site
    The increasingly frequent use of e-commerce platforms has made users more careful and prepared in assessing the reliability of a site. This is why they often seek out the opinions or reviews of someone who has already made a purchase before. Through the content generated by acquired customers, Brands can act on the loyalty of the latter and reach new users at the same time. Thanks to Worldz, e-commerce can offer customers useful information that allows them to become familiar with the shop. Furthermore, each user can, in a few simple steps and without leaving the shop, share the purchased product, receiving in exchange a personalized credit directly in the checkout. Sharing with customers who buy offers the company the opportunity to increase its awareness and intercept new targets thanks to word of mouth activated on social networks.

  3. Customer satisfaction
    Consumers have very high expectations of what they expect to find online. It is therefore important to know how to convince them to prefer that site over another. In fact, the usability of a site, the personalized interface, a simple and fast checkout or an easily navigable site, even and above all from mobile are carefully evaluated. For this reason, companies are investing more and more in tools that can improve the performance of their platform. With Worldz, merchants have an innovative tool that can boost e-commerce in a few simple steps. The software, through its smart interface, accompanies the user throughout the funnel, showing him different and personalized information, with the aim of making the shop a reliable and simple tool from initial navigation to the purchase stage.

  4. Brand Awareness
    Users demand more and more authentic content and able to make them feel connected with the companies they choose. For this reason, User Generated Content (UGC) is becoming more and more central in the marketing strategies of many brands. The resulting perception of authenticity positively affects both the reputation of the Brand and the sales volumes. With Worldz it is possible to incentivize and automate the production of UGC, transforming customers into brand lovers who share their shopping experience on social media and activate positive word of mouth within their own circles of contacts.

  5. Client Retention
    Thanks to lead generation, companies have the opportunity to acquire information about their target. To deepen the knowledge of those who land on their e-commerce and implement targeted marketing strategies, it is necessary to equip oneself with effective technological tools. In fact, it may happen that a user, despite having added products to the cart, then decides not to complete the purchase. To re-engage it, you can use remarketing campaigns. Here too, Worldz manages to be an effective tool, keeping the user engaged while browsing your shop and contacting him via email, SMS and Facebook notifications, should he abandon the cart. Furthermore, for each customer who makes a social login, the software is able to return personal data useful for expanding the customer database and optimizing remarketing campaigns.

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