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E-commerce: the 5 most common mistakes to avoid for you online shop

3 June 2021



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Let’s find out the 5 most common mistakes that can compromise the growth of your online business

Do you have an e-commerce or are you thinking of opening a digital shop? Today, having an e-commerce is an important opportunity for your business, as it certainly offers many advantages but, in a highly competitive scenario like the current one, it is necessary to stand out from competitors. Starting from the first steps, it is good to carefully decide the platform on which to implement it, the marketing actions to promote it, the tools to be adopted to incentivize sales, identify the right target of customers and the strategies to retain them. Sometimes companies underestimate some of these aspects, risking making mistakes that can compromise the performance of an online store. Here are the 5 most common mistakes that companies usually make when they decide to open an e-commerce.

  • Wrong choice of e-commerce platform

What are the best e-commerce platforms? Surely those that allow you to create an ad hoc and customized structure according to your needs. It can range from the more “classic” platforms such as Woocommerce, Shopify and Prestashop to the more customizable ones such as Magento. The advantages of these platforms include: ease of use, the ability to increase e-commerce functions with plugins and the ability to easily manage products, orders and customers. Worldz, for example, is an e-commerce software that can be easily integrated with all the platforms listed and can be fully customized according to the needs of the Brand. The installation of Worldz is recommended for any e-commerce that wants to increase their online performance by implementing the functionality of social networks directly on the shop. Wix and Letsell, for example, are platforms that do not allow integrations and / or customizations, which is why our software is not compatible with the latter.

  • Difficulty in defining your target customers

Sometimes companies invest budgets and resources in marketing campaigns that are not well focused, risking not achieving concrete results in sales growth. One of the most common mistakes is precisely to focus on quantity rather than quality compared to the expected results from online advertising campaigns. On the other hand, it is essential for a company to identify its target audience upstream and, subsequently, to target the latter in a targeted manner. This will significantly increase the chances of reaching an interested audience and increase purchase conversions. With Worldz, e-commerce partners have the possibility to profile their traffic, identifying users potentially interested and willing to share their data (name, surname, gender, age, birthday, e-mail and telephone number) in exchange for a personalized credit useful for completing online shopping.

  • Insufficient promotion of your e-commerce

Insufficient promotion of your e-commerce is one of the most common mistakes made by companies. In this case, the marketing strategy adopted plays a crucial role. To be able to make yourself known it is important to build a strong brand reputation and the trust of your customers can be the key to success for a good reputation. The integration of reviews on your shop, for example, is useful for creating a relationship of trust with existing and new customers. Thanks to Worldz technology, e-commerce partners can make their own satisfied customers protagonists, transforming them into brand lovers who share their purchases on their social profiles, in exchange for a personalized credit for online shopping.

  • Unsatisfactory User Experience

Users have an increasingly casual approach to digital and this leads to a growth in expectations towards the online shopping experience. It is necessary to build a shop that is aesthetically beautiful but above all easily navigable, clear and correctly visible even from mobile. The absence of these features could compromise the success of your e-commerce, as users may encounter difficulties while browsing or searching for products and interrupt the purchase funnel. By offering a personalized and interactive shopping experience, companies can achieve a decrease in cart abandonment rates and an increase in conversions. Thanks to Worldz, e-commerce partners revolutionize the shopping experience of their customers, engaging and accompanying them throughout the funnel through an intelligent window that communicates with them with personalized messages and useful information to guide them while browsing.

  • Poor use of Insights

Among the most common mistakes there is also a reduced consultation of the Insights of one’s e-commerce. Through constant monitoring of online traffic, the type of user who lands on the shop, the sales generated, companies can have a 360 ° view of their business and understand which elements to focus on and improve. With Worldz, e-commerce companies have a dedicated panel from which they can monitor online performance and download the personal data of their profiled customers. Specifically, within their Dashboard, they will be able to view the details of the sales generated with Worldz and the data of the users landed on the shop who have accessed via Social Login.

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