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E-commerce in 2022 continues its evolution

12 January 2022



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Discover how to evolve your e-commerce in 2022 with Worldz

E-commerce in 2022 continues its evolution. In 2020 alone, a growth rate of 26% was recorded in Italy, which did not stop in 2021, reaching 76%. The data speak for themselves: the phenomenon of digital purchases has now entered forever into the habits of consumers, even the most sceptical ones.

This means, on the one hand, great growth opportunities for Merchants, but on the other hand it also means implementing an effective digital strategy to face a new year full of challenges and new scenarios. Given these assumptions, let’s discover together which are the key elements to innovate your e-commerce and implement the most effective strategy with Worldz.

  • First of all, personalisation.
    In 2022, it will be necessary to humanise the consumer in order to build lasting relationships and nurture trust. An example? To personalise the shopping experience you can offer benefits tailored to each customer. By integrating Worldz’s social login into your shop, our software can calculate the economic value of each consumer’s social popularity and offer them a personalised credit to complete their shopping in exchange for sharing their chosen product in a social post.

  • Rule number two, social is the key.
    Social Commerce is the future of online sales and increases the chances of increasing conversion rates. In fact, today’s users love to exchange feedback and trust the buying experiences of people close to them much more. By integrating Worldz into your shop, users can share their shopping experience with friends and followers and, through sharing, generate positive online word-of-mouth to increase trust and Brand Awareness of your shop.

  • Finally, Artificial Intelligence to increase the Conversion Rate.
    Worldz has launched a new AI and A/B testing tool that allows you to rely on data to improve the performance of your shop. Our new tool compares the desktop and mobile versions of e-commerce in four different configurations and associates them with a specific CR. As soon as our system has a 100% reliable result, we can indicate the best configuration for your shop, increasing the CR between 20% and 130%, both on desktop and mobile.

Implement the right strategy for your shop now with Worldz. Contact us to request your free demo.