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E-commerce and marketplace: integrating these two tools with Worldz is very easy

15 June 2021



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E-commerce and marketplace: the combination of these two tools is the ideal solution for the growth of your online business with Worldz

One of the questions that companies are asking themselves today concerns investment in these tools: e-commerce and marketplace. When you decide to start or simply expand an online business, it may happen that you do not have very clear ideas about which tool may be best suited to your business. It is important to start from the assumption that being present online is strategic as well as fundamental for the positioning and growth of a company.

The highly competitive economic scenario requires a brand to be as present as possible, ranging from the e-commerce platform, to the marketplace or even to the social platforms themselves, which today increasingly offer the possibility of selling their products within them. There is therefore no right or wrong choice, but rather a tool that best meets your needs and the target audience you intend to reach.

Let’s try to understand together the characteristics and pros / cons, both of an e-commerce and a marketplace. When we talk about marketplaces, we refer to online platforms that companies decide to “lean on” to sell their products, upon payment of a fee or fee. Among the main advantages we certainly find: the strong positioning on the SERP, the consequent consultation of thousands of users of their products and the use of these platforms by users as real search engines. Speaking instead of negative aspects we find instead: the costs to be incurred (subscriptions, percentage fees, advertising costs), direct competition (since there are more companies and consequently more similar products), the impossibility of keeping track of performance and data (to carry out, for example, remarketing actions).

With e-commerce, on the other hand, being a proprietary site, companies are able to have greater control over the performance, flows and data of the users who land there. Among the advantages offered by this tool, we find precisely: the activity of tracking your traffic, the possibility of undertaking retargeting and remarketing actions (if users do not finalize the purchase) and, above all, the personalization of the user experience offered to consumers.

With Worldz you no longer have to choose because with a single tool you have the possibility to easily integrate e-commerce and marketplace, that is to increase the performance of your e-commerce and benefit from the support of a marketplace. Once installed on a digital shop, Worldz transforms it into a Social Commerce in a few clicks. This will allow you to offer users a personalized shopping experience, keep them engaged along the purchase funnel with personalized messages and social features and, finally, profile them in order to expand your customer database.

Thanks to Worldz, you can also combine the potential of e-commerce with the potential of a social marketplace which, however, refers to your shop for the checkout phase. Within the Worldz Marketplace, users can interact with each other, follow the profile of a shop and browse the items that are automatically put online. In this way, you will have the opportunity to be present on multiple channels, while maintaining full control of your business.

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