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Do you want to increase the visibility of your e-commerce? Here are 3 tips for you

29 June 2021



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In this article we suggest 3 useful actions to increase the visibility of your online shop

If we wanted to take a picture of the current economic scenario, e-commerce certainly “dominates”. It is now clear that online shopping is increasingly central to our daily lives, undoubtedly causing a substantial increase in competition. In order to make yourself more visible and reach your target customers more easily, it is important to understand which strategies to adopt to make yourself known. Let’s find out together how you can highlight your e-commerce and therefore increase the visibility.

Regardless of the various objectives that a company sets itself to achieve, the main goal is to intercept and reach the end customer. What strategy to adopt then? It is essential to invest in: Target Profiling, Social Media Channel and User Generated Content.

  1. In order to enhance their presence on the network, it is necessary that companies know how to correctly target their investments in advertising in order to be able to intercept their target customers. It is important to know the users who visit your e-commerce because in this way the chances of conversion of the latter increase, from potential customers into customers. Through profiling, companies have a series of useful information (such as name, surname, e-mail, age) in order to create a constantly updated customer database and through which they can create interesting and personalized content for the various recipients. With Worldz lead generation, e-commerce partners can track users who land on the site, generating profiled and targeted leads. Through a social login, companies collect customer records, which are useful for optimizing their online advertising campaigns.

  2. Finding ourselves in a reality strongly influenced by social media, it is necessary to be present on these channels, which are confirmed as strategic for the growth of the visibility of a company and its products. Users, in fact, use these platforms to search for products and discover new ones, so managing them is useful for giving visibility to your business, increasing conversions, sales volumes and traffic to e-commerce. More and more realities are discovering the world of Social Commerce and are orienting their online business in this direction. With Worldz, e-commerce partners have the opportunity to transform their digital shop into a Social Commerce, in a few simple steps. In this way, they will have the opportunity to integrate the social functions on their platform, while maintaining full control of the sales flows and volumes generated by e-commerce and the users who land on the site.

  3. Finally, when it comes to content, it is also important to talk about personalization. In fact, you need to be able to create content that your audience finds interesting and useful for the purpose of their purchase choice. Through User Generated Content, a company is able to respond to this need by providing valuable content precisely because it is spontaneously shared by users who have already purchased. They are strategic precisely because they are able to build customer loyalty, creating a solid relationship between the Brand and the customer, and to increase brand awareness and trustability towards new potential buyers. Worldz offers its e-commerce partners the opportunity to transform their customers into “brand lover”. Each user can in fact obtain a personalized credit proportional to his social popularity if he shares the purchased product on social networks. The result is positive word of mouth among users, letting a sense of authenticity shine through from the shared content.

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