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Consumer confidence is the key to success for your e-commerce

18 November 2020



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Find out how to win the trust of your customers in your e-commerce, thanks to Worldz and its brand new features: User Friends and Social Product

With the end of November begins the shopping season long awaited by consumers. It opens with Black Friday, passing through Cyber Monday and ending with Christmas. Today more than ever, companies are committed to offering customers not only products but a real experience that can induce the customer to finalize their purchases and return in the future on your e-commerce. With the increase in online shopping, every digital store must have a marketing strategy behind it that can differentiate it from the competition and improve its business performance.

Although online sales have grown considerably, not all consumers still feel ready and inclined to “convert” to online shopping: for example, according to a research by Statista,  only 41% of baby boomers and 28% of seniors prefer shop online. This happens because many are still strongly anchored to the idea of making a purchase at a physical store, as they appreciate the possibility of being able to try a product or test its quality. A BizFeel study states that as many as 51% of shoppers believe that the inability to try a product is a disadvantage of online shopping.

It is therefore essential to create a relationship of trust with all potential customers, thus reducing mistrust and increasing the chances of conversion. How can you help develop a new user’s trust in your product and / or e-commerce? For example through the reviews of users who are already customers . Integrating reviews into an e-commerce can be a support for consumers both in establishing a relationship of trust with the brand and in choosing the most suitable product. The opinion of other users who have already bought and tested certainly helps to break the ice with new potential customers.

Given the importance for our e-commerce partners of earning the trust of new customers, Worldz has released two brand new features called User Friends and Social Products.

The User Friends is a module present within our overlay, able to show which and how many users have already used the personalized Worldz discount and, if the social login is performed, which of these users belong to their circle of friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram.

The Social Product, on the other hand, offers users the opportunity to obtain more information on the suggested products by showing the number of users who have purchased, visited or shared a particular product on social networks.

Worldz is an e-commerce booster able to engage users and entice them to complete the purchase through a discount proportional to their social popularity. Today we have a community of over 250 thousand active users who have taken advantage of their personalized discount, in exchange for sharing them on their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

If you want to know how to install Worldz on your e-commerce, contact us and redeem your free trial month.