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Choose Worldz to grow your online shop with organic influencers

23 June 2020



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Worldz, the platform where the more you are social and the less you pay for your online purchases, in the last year has increased the turnover of store partners by 3.5 million euros thanks to organic influencers

Advertising and influencer marketing are the marketing tools in which companies continue to invest most, always with a view to spreading the brand in a targeted and functional way.

The business and the notoriety of a company are increasingly linked to social networks and for this reason brands are always looking for new tools through which to emotionally involve the recipients of their communication, and consequently of their products. The influencer marketing market is very large and the well-known influencer who advertises a product on his social channels is joined by organic influencers.

These are “real people” who are neither influential nor have a minimum number of followers that characterizes them. For example, they can be lovers of cooking, fashion, fitness and why not also travelers who adore that brand and for this they want to spontaneously communicate their experience and their satisfaction. They are the evolution and the junction point between the influencer and the brand advocate(i.e. the brand supporter) as they promote that brand because they have a good relationship with the products / services offered, and this is precisely the key element capable of generating greater engagement. As a result, the content they produce is perceived by users as spontaneous advice, similar to that of a friend. And this was precisely the idea that inspired Worldz, an e-Commerce booster that thanks to its software is able to transform users into real ambassadors on social networks, regarding the products and brands they really choose and buy.

Worldz’s goal is to allow anyone to enjoy the same benefits as influencers, depending on their online reputation. Users trust word of mouth much more than their friends and with Worldz we have intercepted this trend, developing a new marketing tool for e-Commerce.

Thanks to a proprietary algorithm,  Worldz is  able to calculate the economic value of a user’s social popularity in a qualitative-quantitative way. In proportion to this, the user gets a personalized discount that they can redeem immediately in exchange for sharing their shopping experience on their Facebook or Instagram social profile. Sharing refers directly to the brand or product purchased, thus significantly increasing the visibility of the e-Commerce that Worldz has installed.

It is important for brands to focus on user content, thanks to which they can establish a genuine connection with their customers. According to what emerged from the Stackla report, authenticity is considered by 90% of consumers to be a determining factor on which they base their consumption choices. Thanks to Worldz, partner brands are able to profile their target online, to connect more easily with the latter and consequently increase purchase conversions.

From an internal survey conducted by Worldz, most of the e-commerce partners have been able to record a significant increase in the sales and performance of their digital store thanks to the proprietary technology of Worldz and organic influencers, reaching a turnover of approximately 3.5 million euros.

“The experience we are carrying out with Worldz on the Caffè Vergnano e-shop, which in the meantime has become an asset of GBS, is extremely satisfying”. – says Luca Alberigo, Head of Digital Strategy at GBS and Digital Strategist for Caffè Vergnano. About 5% of the revenues are attributed to Worldz, but the surprising figure is determined by the conversion rate, which exceeds 15%. Worldz also plays a key role in lead generation. In this way, thanks to the contacts developed through Worldz, we can start a more personal and direct relationship with users, through marketing automation and the packaging of dedicated and personalized offers, based on their expressed preferences.

Forget expensive influencer marketing and lead generation campaigns! Let a friend inspire your customers’ next purchases, fill out the contact form to find out more about how to transform customers into your organic influencers with Worldz.