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4 essential factors for the success of your E-commerce

31 August 2021



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Here are Worldz’s tips to optimize the performance of your e E-commerce and increase your business online

The exponential growth of e-commerce greatly affects current and future trends in the sector. In order to be one step ahead of the competition, it is of fundamental importance that companies know how to intercept new trends and implement strategies that respond perfectly to them.

But what actually makes e-commerce a successful business?

  1. A simple navigation
    It is not enough that an e-commerce is graphically pleasing but it is also necessary to optimize it in terms of use. It is therefore important to offer a shopping experience that is simple but at the same time personalized. During the purchase funnel, the user sometimes needs to be guided to discover products and services, which is why by offering a simple purchase process, users will be more favorable to complete the purchase. Thanks to Worldz‘s behavioral overlay, an intelligent dialog box, make the purchase funnel simple and engaging for the user. The latter will be accompanied with personalized messages and will not only be able to do a social login and get a personalized credit for his shopping (proportional to his popularity on social networks) but at the same time discover new products and useful information about which people in his circle of contacts have already purchased, viewed or shared a product.
  2. Mobile responsive
    Of online shopping, users certainly appreciate the possibility of being able to make their purchases in total freedom wherever they are. What they expect is therefore a site that is mobile friendly. Worldz’s behavioral overlay responds perfectly to this need, making it easy to use on both desktop and mobile. The user will in fact be able to interact with Worldz who will lead him through all the phases of the funnel, simplifying and personalizing his shopping session.
  3. Effective design
    The design of a site and the User Experience play a key role in the success of an e-commerce. The company must therefore be able to immediately highlight the fundamental information on the product, the prices, use quality images and insert a section with reviews. With Worldz, you can customize the overlay, making it akin to the style of your e-commerce. Through the dashboard, each e-commerce can customize the texts that will accompany the user along the funnel, the style, colors and images to be used.
  4. Data collection
    By collecting data from customers who land on the site, companies can implement targeted marketing strategies aimed at intercepting their target audience. The use of cutting-edge technologies can support the expansion of its customer database, through the acquisition of specific data (such as age, e-mail, telephone contact and purchase preferences). This increases the chances of creating relevant content for your recipient by offering personalized information. Through the Worldz social login you have the possibility to track the traffic of your website and obtain useful personal data for remarketing activities and advertising campaigns.

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