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3 tips to gain the trust of new users on your e-commerce

7 September 2021



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Thanks to Worldz and social reviews, you can increase user confidence in your e-commerce

The success of an e-commerce is linked to different factors: from designing a good User Experience to optimization for search engines (SEO). Their combination can significantly affect the increase in visits and conversions of your e-commerce, and thus generate a greater number of revenue. So how to optimize an online shop? Make it simple, intuitive and activate online word of mouth among your satisfied customers, so that new users can trust you and buy without worrying about unexpected inconveniences.

  1. Encourage reviews
    The opinions of your customers matter, even for Google, which considers them a relevant element in assessing the importance of a company. Online reviews can also have a very positive impact on the growth of your business, representing an excellent incentive to finalize your purchases. In fact, more and more users consult the comments, polls and votes of those who bought before them. How can you manage to have reviews on your products? With Worldz you can transform your own customers into “brand lover”. Each user can in fact obtain a personalized credit proportional to his social popularity if he shares the purchased product on social networks. From sharing comes a positive word of mouth among users which allows them to familiarize themselves with the shop and increase trust in your online shop.
  2. Inspire confidence with an intuitive site
    The windows, the arrangement of the products, the furnishings are all elements that often strike us in a physical store and that push us to enter (and why not even buy). The same thing happens with an online shop, so it is very important to take care not only of the graphic part of your site but also its contents. Users need a site that is fast, easy to navigate, intuitive and above all graphically appealing. With Worldz’s behavioral overlay, the user can interact with a totally customized interface that reacts based on his behavior on the website. Worldz provides the user with a series of useful information to guide him through the purchase funnel: from the possibility of obtaining personalized social credit, to carry out a social login, up to the discovery of which and how many friends have already used the Worldz discount or purchased a specific one. product.
  3. Simplify the purchasing process
    By using e-commerce platforms more frequently for their purchases, consumers have become much more savvy and therefore have high expectations on the shopping experience offered. It is therefore important to know how to convince them to prefer your e-commerce over the competition, offering an effective User Experience and simplifying the purchase process. In this way, companies can not only decrease cart abandonment rates but also see an increase in conversions. With Worldz, e-commerce partners have a tool that can accompany the user throughout the purchase funnel, showing them personalized and useful information for their online shopping.

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