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3 marketing strategies every e-commerce should invest in

15 November 2021



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With Worldz you apply the most innovative marketing strategies to increase the visibility and sales of your e-commerce

Increasing the sales of their e-commerce is certainly a need common to many brands. In fact it is not enough to open an online shop to sell but to do so it is essential to reach the correct target of customers and intercept their purchase needs. In a highly competitive scenario, to be successful it is necessary to understand the expectations of its users and offer a shopping experience that satisfies them. To do this, companies must invest in the marketing strategies that best suit their business.

  1. Personalized user experience
    The increasingly frequent use of online shopping has made consumers particularly demanding and attentive to the user experience (UX) offered by a shop. In fact, offering a good user experience can really make a difference, not only in promoting e-commerce but also and above all in consolidating the customer-Brand relationship. It is therefore necessary to put the consumer in the position of being able to easily navigate the site and find the desired products. The absence of these features, as well as a poor personalization of the user experience itself, could lead him to interrupt the purchase funnel. With Worldz you can offer your customers a customized shopping experience, engaging and accompanying them throughout the funnel through an intelligent window that communicates with them with personalized messages and useful information to guide them. Based on the user’s navigation, Worldz offers the possibility to make a social login, to receive a personalized credit (proportional to the social popularity), to know how many people have purchased, shared or viewed a product and finally which friends, belonging to the circle. of Facebook or Instagram contacts, have already used the service.
  2. Lead Generation
    One of the main mistakes made by brands is precisely that of investing resources and budgets in marketing campaigns that are not well targeted. The risk is obviously that of not obtaining tangible results in the growth of sales volumes. By identifying the correct target of users who land on their e-commerce, companies can target their advertising campaigns in a targeted manner. Only in this way will the chances of reaching an audience interested and more inclined to conclude purchases significantly increase. The result? Increase in purchase conversions. With Worldz, e-commerce partners have the possibility to profile their traffic and create an always updated database. Through a social login, implemented directly on the platform, companies collect customer data (name, surname, gender, age, birthday, e-mail and telephone number) providing in exchange a personalized credit useful for completing online shopping. . In this way, brands can optimize their online advertising campaigns.
  3. Lack of or poor use of data
    Among the most common mistakes, sometimes committed by companies, is a reduced consultation of the Insights of their e-commerce. In fact, monitoring the progress of your e-commerce, the traffic, the target users who visit it and the sales generated turns out to be one of the best techniques to refine your online strategy. Reading these data in fact allows brands to have an overview of the progress of their business, thus being able to better understand which elements to focus on and invest. With Worldz, e-commerce companies have a dedicated panel from which they can monitor online performance and download the personal data of their profiled customers. Specifically, within their own Dashboard, they will be able to view the details of the sales generated with Worldz and the data of users landed on the shop who have accessed via social login.

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