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User Generated Content becomes a trend of the e-commerce world in 2021

26 January 2021



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Users demand more content that is real and able to make them feel connected with the companies they choose. Find out how this is possible with Worldz and user generated content

Today it is common to know a product or a brand through the social contents produced by well-known influencers. As many times we will have had the impression that it was sponsored content. For these reasons, User Generated Content (UGC), i.e. content posted spontaneously by users on their social channels, are slowly becoming central to the strategies of many brands.

With the increase in social distancing, this type of content has in fact experienced significant growth, prompting many companies to rethink their marketing strategies. Consumers, in fact, are looking for new ways to connect with each other and for contents that reflect concrete values and make them feel close to the brand.

Through User generated content, the company is able to optimize the budgets invested in marketing strategies, both in terms of brand awareness and sales volumes. Suffice it to say that around 80% of users  say that user-generated content influences their purchasing decisions, while 84% of Millennials say they are influenced by User Generated Content when buying.

In this 2021 made up of digital and e-commerce platforms in full growth, it is important to play attack and stand out from competitors. In this case Worldz may be the tool for you.

With Worldz you transform your customers into real brand lover on social networks. Like? By offering them a personalized discount in exchange for sharing their shopping experience or product purchased on their social channels (Facebook or Instagram). The discount will be proportional to the social popularity of the individual user and can be used directly at checkout.

The success of the shopping experience shared through Worldz lies precisely in the perception of the authenticity of the content, testifying that that product was first of all chosen and then actually purchased. This type of content allows you to reach new users – in this case the circle of social contacts – and is an important tool for inspiration and comparison. In fact, users will mainly tend to be interested in a friend’s recommendation rather than an advertisement.

Our software combines this and many other features in a single tool that can not only increase the reliability of your site but also engage users and entice them to complete the purchase.
You just have to find out more. CONTACT US to receive a free Worldz demo.