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New Normal: the inclination towards digital payments is growing

16 February 2021



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Digital payments are also among the new digital habits of Italians. Find out how to optimize the checkout process with Worldz

The predisposition to online purchases and the increasingly frequent use of e-commerce platforms has influenced the approach of consumers also towards payments. The “new normal” sees digital payments as protagonists and it emerged that in Italy as many as 62% of consumers no longer consider cash payments as preferable (Source: GFK research for Visa). The research also shows a greater predisposition to use specific devices such as smartphones (69% of consumers) and computers (52% of consumers).

Greater digitization of users requires companies to adopt innovative tools that can meet their needs and expectations during navigation and when finalizing the purchase. In fact, consumers now spend much more time online, 60% of their time compared to 42% before the pandemic (Source: Saleforce). These data demonstrate how it is necessary to accelerate on the digital front and identify business strategies in step with the times. By facilitating the checkout process and recognizing discounts or coupon codes, you can improve the customer experience, induce him to buy and possibly make new purchases in the future.

Suffice it to say that 88% of carts are abandoned and the interaction with a complex checkout is certainly one of the main reasons (Source: Statista). For this it is necessary to simplify the checkout process by making it fast, intuitive and offering different payment options.

An Italian startup has developed an e-commerce tool that allows you to do this and much more. Thanks to the software developed by Worldz, you can offer your customers an innovative shopping experience and the ability to shop with a personalized discount. After the installation of our technological solution, the user can make a social login (Facebook or Instagram) directly on your shop and calculate their own personalized discount (proportional to its popularity among friends and followers). In order to redeem your discount, you simply need to click an integrated button on your site and automatically share a post about the product you intend to purchase. Following the sharing that will generate positive word of mouth for you on social media, you will find your discount directly in the cart.

With Worldz, you have an innovative tool that can accompany the user throughout the purchase funnel with personalized messages, suggesting information that can show the reliability of your e-commerce. You can also download the personal data of your customers who log in and view the performance of your shop in the Insights panel.