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Nano-influencers: the new frontier of Influencer Marketing

23 March 2021



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Discover the importance of nano-influencers for your online business and how you can transform your customers into brand lover with Worldz

Until a few years, companies, in defining new communication strategies, have been oriented exclusively towards influencers with a wide audience. And in fact, even today this strategy is sometimes effective and able to support the activities of brands, especially in terms of brand awareness. Investing in influencers with a high number of followers has often convinced companies that they can have a greater impact on the public and, consequently, an economic return on advertising spending. However, recently, within the marketing strategies of brands, a whole new trend is slowly establishing itself, which sees the so-called nano-influencers as protagonists. These are users with a smaller community (the number of followers is between 1k and 10k) who are followed by their audience who particularly appreciate the contents, perceived as genuine and sincere.

According to the data collected by Planoly, the engagement rate of nano-influencers is equal to 7%, a percentage higher than the rates recorded by any other type of influencer. The reasons for this success are different but mainly linked to the sense of community that they are able to recreate. Nano-influencers tend to create long-term relationships with their followers, resulting in their eyes easily reachable through, for example, a comment or a message on social media. Being able to interface with them means that they are perceived more as “friends” than as well-known characters, whose judgment is more transparent and reliable. This is also because they tend to prefer brands that they really know or appreciate in their daily lives.

So how can you spot and hire nano-influencers? Thanks to Worldz technology, you can turn your customers into micro-influencers on social networks. Considering how important elements such as online word of mouth and a friend’s buying advice are, Worldz has developed an e-commerce software that can engage users of your website and offer them a personalized credit to complete the purchase, calculated based on the social popularity of the Facebook or Instagram profile.

The user will simply have to log in to social media, directly on your shop, and find out the economic value associated with his profile. With another click, you can automatically share the chosen product on social networks and then find your personalized credit directly in the cart. Thanks to the social sharing of your customers, you can increase your brand awareness and reach new targets of interest so you can increase your online business and the performance of your e-commerce.