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How have consumer habits changed?

12 July 2021



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Find out how consumer habits have evolved and how to respond to these changes with Worldz

The “new normal” scenario sees consumer habits changed and, to cope with the changes taking place, retailers find themselves having to evolve rapidly, embracing the world of digital and innovation. A study by Adyen highlighted the new dynamics that emerged between consumers and retailers, analyzing the changes that took place following the pandemic. However, it is important to underline how much online shopping has expanded the possibilities for companies to increase their sales volumes: 37% of Italians have in fact made more online purchases than in the past and online consumers have spent about 40% more during the transition from offline to online sales.

Today, people use technology for a multitude of day-to-day activities, including shopping, and this is backed up by clear data. 51% of consumers, in fact, want retailers to use technology to improve the shopping experience and customize it to the specific needs of each user. With Worldz, retailers can effectively respond to this consumer predisposition by adopting e-commerce software capable of accompanying users along the purchase funnel and communicating with them through personalized messages and useful information for their shopping session. This also responds to the need expressed by 66% of Italians who believe that the ease of use of a site is a determining factor, as is the quality of the products sought.

According to the aforementioned analysis, 63% of respondents prefer to choose a brand that has a loyalty system linked to payment. By installing Worldz in a digital shop, customers are offered the opportunity to log in and receive a personalized shopping credit, proportional to their social popularity. By effectively responding to an emerging consumer demand. In exchange for this incentive, the user will be required to publish a social post, on their Facebook or Instagram profile, in which they share the chosen products with friends and followers.

Adyen’s analysis also revealed how the reliability of a brand is one of the factors that greatly influence purchasing choices. 72% of Italians, in fact, declared that they will buy online exclusively from recognized but above all reliable brands. In order to earn consumer trust, it is important to use technological tools that make it possible to leave and read reviews or allow customers to share their shopping experience. With Worldz, e-commerce companies have a tool capable of increasing their Brand Awareness, thanks to the positive word of mouth generated by the sharing of users who use their personalized credit.

With Worldz you can respond to the new demands that have emerged among digital consumers. Contact us to find out more.