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E-commerce will be the most used shopping channel for Christmas online shopping

1 December 2020



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In view of Christmas, users are increasingly predisposed to online shopping. Find out how to maximize the performance of your Worldz e-commerce

It can be said that the countdown to Christmas has officially begun! Many will think that we are only at the beginning of December, but it is in a few days that the so-called Holiday season will begin. It is therefore time to move forward and also think about the gifts to be placed under the tree. What’s better than choosing them in peace, comfortably from home and well in advance? The data, which you will find collected below, clearly suggest that the main platform on which Christmas purchases will take place will be e-commerce. Let’s find out more.

According to data collected by NetElixir, sales on the e-commerce channel will record a 30% increase from November to December 2020. The forecasts predict that consumers will take advantage of online shopping, but always paying particular attention to savings and products usefulness. According to the Understanding the 2020 Consumer Global Barometer study, 46% of respondents said the price of a gift is considered the key factor in their choice. For all these reasons, the product categories that we will most likely find under the tree seem to be: beauty, electronics, home furnishings and products for fitness and do-it-yourself, therefore all items that can be practical and really useful.

Both globally and in Italy, an increasingly growing predisposition towards online shopping emerges: in fact, out of a sample of 1,758 Italians (aged between 16 and 64 years), 21% of them declared that they wanted to make purchases online Christmas (Kantar Studio for Ebay). It is therefore evident that e-commerce will gradually play an increasingly important role and for this reason it is confirmed as the primary purchasing channel. Especially today it is even more important for companies to be present on online channels and adopt tools and technologies that can improve their positioning.

The upcoming holidays represent an important opportunity for the growth of the online business of companies. It is therefore strategic to adopt innovative marketing tools capable of improving user interaction and navigation on your site.

With Worldz proprietary technology, you have a complete and versatile tool that can maximize the performance of your digital shop and increase the conversion rate, right at the time of the year when your online shop will receive the greatest number of visitors. Worldz is an e-commerce booster able to:

  • engage users who are about to leave the site through a behavioral overlay and entice them to conclude the purchase with a personalized discount, calculated on the basis of personal social popularity;
  • take advantage of a personalized discount by logging into your Facebook or Instagram profile and sharing the shopping experience with your circle of contacts;
  • generate profiled leads, essential for targeted and strategic marketing campaigns.

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