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E-commerce is good for SMEs, just like Worldz

12 January 2021



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It is also important for SMEs to enhance online business with the most suitable tools and strategies. Find out why to choose Worldz!

In recent months, e-commerce has clearly confirmed its leadership, representing a real lifeline for most Italian companies, especially SMEs. If initially the approach of the latter to digitization was reactive – to face a sudden change in the economic-social scenario at the national level – today it is necessary to adopt targeted strategies to grow and preserve one’s business.

But let’s leave the numbers and data talking:  SMEs that used e-commerce grew by 50% during the pandemic, going from 24% (February 2020) to 34% (August 2020) (Source: Digital Innovation Observatory in SMEs). Such exponential growth was also dictated by the companies’ awareness of how strategic it is to combine physical activities with an e-commerce platform, as a further opportunity to increase their sales volumes and intercept targets of different customers, who oversee precisely different sales channel .

The research conducted by the Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com) would seem to confirm that the creation of an e-commerce could lead to an increase in turnover of as much as 42%, for Italian small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the data that emerged, again for companies that decide to sell online, the chances of obtaining higher turnover would increase above 84%.

The advantages offered by an online sales channel are certainly many: from the possibility of reaching different market segments, to the lowering of commercial barriers to cost savings. But in order to make the most of it, it is necessary to continue investing and innovating in this direction. Through sophisticated and innovative marketing tools, the company is able to understand with which activities it is possible to achieve the set objectives and thus obtain tangible results.

Our software was born from the idea of supporting companies in the growth of their online business and the solution offered by Worldz allows you to make your e-commerce a functional and engaging platform. Thanks to its behavioral overlays and Worldz social login, you have a tool with multiple and different functionalities at your disposal. Our software, in fact, allows you to implement different types of activities on your online shop:

Lead Generation & Database Building: with the Worldz social login, you have the possibility to track users who land on your e-commerce and thus generate profiled leads. In this way, the shop can expand its customer database and carry out online advertising campaigns aimed at its target;

Social Commerce: with the installation of our software it will be possible to integrate various social functions within your platform, allowing users to interact more with the brand and products, to remain engaged along the purchase funnel and to activate a positive word of mouth on social networks , sharing their purchases with their circles of contacts;

Client Retention: Worldz’s behavioral overlay is able to engage and above all guide the user during the sales funnel , implementing a real client retention strategy with the aim of converting the user and encouraging him to finalize the purchase;

Monitoring: thanks to Worldz’s intuitive interface you can install it with our support in a few clicks and keep the performance of your website monitored.
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