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Cyber Week: the marketing strategies for the success of your e-commerce

9 November 2021



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In the most anticipated period of the year, Cyber Week, with Worldz you have an edge. Find out how it can support you in increasing sales and customer loyalty

Every year, consumers and companies reveal that they have high expectations about Cyber ​​Week: on the one hand, purchases at discounted and competitive prices, on the other, peaks in sales. Suffice it to say that the total e-commerce sales of Cyber ​​Week 2020 have in fact reached 270 billion dollars worldwide. At the end of November a real countdown to Christmas begins and for this reason many consumers decide to anticipate their Christmas purchases, taking advantage of the advantageous offers.

Until a few years ago, the phenomenon had been embraced by younger people who, taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, invested mainly in tech products. Today, however, the phenomenon involves all generations and there are no longer particular distinctions between preferred product categories. In view of the Cyber ​​Week, online shops will be able to record significant peaks in accesses, which is why Brands cannot, in any way, be caught unprepared, rather they must maximize this opportunity.

So what are the marketing strategies to invest in to stand out in such a highly competitive landscape?

Social Network
The social channels are confirmed, even on this occasion, a strategic tool useful for reaching your target. Thanks to social media, companies have the opportunity to increase their visibility and consequently the traffic to their online shop. With Worldz, e-commerce companies can transform their e-commerce into a Social Commerce, integrating the social functions directly on their platform. In this way, they maintain full control of the sales flows and volumes of the site, while enjoying the advantages and resonance offered by these channels.

Customized promotions
In this particular period of the year, the watchword for consumers is offers. It is known that the majority of brands will focus on promotions and discounts, but in order to stand out, it is important to invest in mechanisms that personalize the benefits. In this context, Worldz can make the difference, in fact, if installed on a digital shop, our software allows each user to obtain a personalized and immediate credit if they share the chosen product on social networks. From sharing comes a positive word of mouth among users which allows them to familiarize themselves with the shop and increase trust in the latter.

During Cyber ​​Week, e-commerce companies witness a significant increase in online traffic: by visiting a site, many will complete the purchase while others may temporarily interrupt the funnel. Through targeted remarketing actions and personalized content, companies have the opportunity to significantly increase the chances of conversion of these users. Worldz technology can be decisive in this context: through Worldz lead generation, e-commerce partners have the opportunity to profile users who land on their website. Thanks to the social login implemented directly on the platform, the company obtains personal data, useful for email marketing activities (GDPR compliant) and for the optimization of online advertising campaigns.

If you haven’t tried Worldz yet, all you have to do is contact us and discover the Black Friday promo.