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Conversion Rate: technologies to increase it on your e-commerce

28 December 2021



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 With Worldz you can increase conversions between +20% and +130%

For Merchants one of the biggest problems is the Conversion Rate (CR), that is the percentage of e-commerce visitors who complete a purchase. Often a lot of budget is invested with the goal of generating traffic but on average only 2% of that turns into customers.

Every e-commerce must work on CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization, through the use of various technological tools that are a synthesis between marketing and data analysis. Moved by a Data Driven strategy, these tools are able to quickly analyze a large number of Insights and optimize e-commerce performance. Here are the most used ones:

  1. A/B testing, which is the comparison of two similar scenarios but with different configurations. For example, by showing two variants of the same page to different clusters of visitors, you can understand which one generates more conversions with data analysis.
  2. AI can be used to improve, for example, the Customer Experience, offering the user personalized messages and buying experiences thanks to automated systems, trying to mimic human logic.
  3. Machine Learning, on the other hand, is an even more sophisticated solution able to predict and anticipate consumer behavior: thanks to its learning ability, it is possible to build valuable relationships with one’s customers, intercepting the Insight they generate along the Customer Journey.

Worldz has launched a new service that allows you to rely on data to maximize the performance of your online shop, thanks to A/B testing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our new A/B testing tool compares the desktop and mobile version of your website in 4 different configurations:
–  the site without Worldz;
–  the site with Worldz in the standard configuration;
–  the site with Worldz without automated events;
–  the site with a configuration of Worldz optimized by Machine Learning.

Each configuration refers to a specific Conversion Rate and, when the system has a 100% reliable result, we are able to show you the best configuration for you.

Thanks to these tools we can show you that:
we increase your Conversion Rate between 20% and 130% (both desktop and mobile);
2% of your traffic is transformed by Worldz into profiled leads for your marketing activities;
40% of users will share your products on Facebook or Instagram.

Worldz is an innovative software able to optimize the CR of your e-commerce. 
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